Marilisa Giulia Poletto

Marilisa Giulia was born in Davis, California at 7:16pm on Monday, January 22, 2007. In Italy it was already January 23, so she was born on her Nonno (Grandpa) Toni's 76th birthday.

Marilisa is for Max's aunt, Toni's older sister. Giulia is the Italian spelling of Kara's mom's name, Julia.

Marilisa is a beautiful and healthy baby. At birth she weighed 8lbs 2oz and was 20" long. She has fuzzy brown hair and light, delicate lashes and eyebrows. She has long limbs and fingers and big feet. She makes lots of little squeaking sounds and likes to throw her arms up in the air behind her head.

We are grateful to the excellent staff at Sutter Davis Hospital for making Marilisa's arrival as comfortable and reassuring as it could be. Special thanks to our midwife, Blanche, and to our wonderful doula, Melissa.

You can view photos of Marilisa's first day and some from later in the week.

For more recent news, please see the Marilisa blog.

This page is also available in Italian.